Sarah Hinchliffe | I⁴ Consultancy and Design Ltd

Value is in the eye of the beholder

CAPTURE | 10:45 - 12:00

Delegates will be able to express value in their proposals more extensively and more creatively as a result of this interactive session.


It is crucial to build value throughout the business development lifecycle. Although value is a key component of many sales methodologies, it is a common complaint from buyers that few salespeople know how to express it. Without a good brief from the sales team, it becomes the job of the proposal team to conjure up value. This lack of guidance can lead to generic, unsubstantiated statements that detract from the compelling story your proposal is trying to tell.

During this workshop, we will show that building value is a team sport played as a long game. We will explore what value is, why it’s so important, how teams can develop it and how you can express it in your proposal. We will focus on what “good” looks like, but we will also touch on what “bad” looks like.
As well as lively stories to illustrate the topic, we will practice techniques to help create value during capture and in proposals.

Key take away skills/techniques

Delegates will take away a range of tips and techniques. After the session, they will be better equipped to question and challenge their sales colleagues and each other to develop value. Copies of the presenter’s article on value published in the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM) magazine, ‘Winning Edge’, will also be available.


Sarah Hinchliffe has over 30 years' selling experience from field sales through to director level. Trained in leading sales methodologies, Sarah then attended Shipley bid training and never looked back. She realised that producing well-written, professionally presented business documents, combined with organising people within tight deadlines, played to her natural skills. Now a freelance bid professional and certified Shipley trainer, Sarah is passionate about building compelling proposals that captivate their readers. She is also committed to bridging the gap between sales teams and proposal teams - a theme she developed through her on-going series of articles in ‘Winning Edge’ that earned her APMP Professional status.