Kat Wyon & Team | Lloyds Banking Group

Planning for success: Early engagement to truly understand the client

CAPTURE | 09:00 - 10:15

Planning for success - early engagement to truly understand the client


The session will give insight into how we plan and prepare to win new clients in our industry, giving tips for best practice capture planning. Presenting as a team from a variety of backgrounds, we will give a range of views and perspectives, highlighting the importance of early engagement to truly understand your client. We will show how we use all resources possible to do this and how we use that insight to then feed into our proposition work to drive future business.

Key take away skills/techniques

  • Deal planning including relationship mapping and stakeholder mapping and looking at degrees of separation
  • Google research, google alerts and Experian
  • Use of annual reports
  • Using old RFP data for the client
  • Using won/loss data for trend analysis and applying that to the pursuit of a client in a like-minded sectors