Harriet Heneghan & Richard Mayson | Black Isle Group

Can the way you use visuals win you more business?

Bidding | 10:45 - 12:00

Informal face-to-face meetings are key parts of capture planning when preparing for a bid. Could you get more information from these meetings?


The use of pitch books, slides etc are used regularly as part of a bid. Could you win more bids by changing the way you use your visuals? We think you can and one of the reasons we think this, is because you can engage with the people you are bidding to more effectively.

At Black isle we specialise in helping you gain the buy-in from the people you talk to in a business context. Knowing how best to use brochures, slides, hand-outs, a pitch book etc is an essential part of this. We will demonstrate to you how to deliver compelling, well-structured and influential ideas both on screen and paper. This is so that your ideas are reinforced and not distracted from.

Delivered in seminar style, you will evaluate new tips and techniques to improve your ability to influence and reinforce your ideas using visual aids. With plenty of opportunity for interaction you will get the chance to share your experiences and discuss how they will work in the different situations you find yourselves in.

Key take away skills/techniques

After the seminar, you will understand how to:

  • Ensure your visuals have greater visual impact
  • Engage your audience by “just being you”
  • Increase your audience’s participation


Harriet Heneghan and Richard Mayson of Black Isle Group, are highly skilled coaches who help professionals be their best.  Their specialty is in improving communication skills, where they excels in showing people how to increase trust.  They help clients to achieve their goals through a mix of psychology and practical learning tools.